trainer's card
name: Zero (Ghost)
ID no.: --13--00
class: Classified
nature: Friendly but a little socially awkward.
money: 99999 pokédollars
~This is mostly a multi fandom blog which consists of a shizz ton of reblogs. Hah! Sometimes I post here and there, but really... Some people just take the words out of my mouth. Well Enjoy browsing and Once again, I apologize for the spam!~

Yoh! You Guys can call me, Zero.
I'm 17 years old.
Birthday: December 19.
I love singing,drawing-
-anything artsy and crafty.- and anime! Gotta love me some anime. I'm a really big fan of Persona.
I recently cosplayed as Fem!Akihiko Sanada in Season 6 and final year of Con-G.
And Accomplished Minako Arisato (Fem MC) Of P3P for Anime North 2014!
I am an LPer. Just started.
Fan of Pewdiepie and Chaoticmonki, A.K.A Cry.

I got forced to make a tumblr. Don't regret it. I try my best to blog, but usually it's just reblogging that I do. Sorry in advance if I end up spamming your pages.

I hope you guys enjoy reading the stuff I blog and share :D

Oh Yeah Feel free to share stuff :P

I am me, You have to accept me for who I am and what I am.

Because, Like anyone else..

It’s Difficult to be someone who I’m not.

Like anyone else, I’d hate to pretend to be something/someone I am not.

After all, I want people to love me for what I am and who I am.

No matter my sexuality,gender or race or age.